Samsung S5 Repair

We have been crazy busy ohffering every samsung and this time samsung s5 repair which can be any issue with either lcd or charging but just to let you know in order to fix charging you need to break that phone and thats how it is design , no need to visit someone will say oh it is out of warranty and buy the new or main board problem, trust professional at


Blackberry Leap Screen Repair

As always We always mention the firs release info and this time blackberry leap screen repair the company you may want to be in touch is Kmaster Electronics who is well known for any blackberry model and always the first in Canada to offer support. If you have the new blackberry and you want to get it fix while you wait in your busy schedule than here it is


Samsung S4 Screen Repair

if you ever wanted to get samsung s4 screen repair and not sure what type of lcd is being used We can simply explain this to you by step by step, basically there are 3 layers on the phone, first lcd then digitizer then the glass and all has to work properly in order to work perfect, even though the glass is cracked you can still use the phone but when its inside there is no display then there is no choice left but to change the whole display with the frame, and We always have the parts in stock at



Blackberry Z30 Repair

The fastest and great battery life amazing device we are offering forblackberry z30 repair and We are the only company never run out  of parts when you needed on time with discount and get it replace while you wait please mention that you know us from dundas dixie location and we will verify if you have previously visit us or not in our database to get extra price discount and you can reach us at 4166400333

iPad 4 Repair

The new model on the way but this time We are offering and ipad 4 repair and most common problem would be the touch display which has corner also bent and we know exactly what to do to get back to normal and if you are not aware of what model you carry then please call us at 416-831-5257 to get full suppport

Samsung note 2 lcd repair

this migh not cost you so much when you needed a Samsung note 2 lcd repair because if you wanted to get just an old frame which already has the display just needed to replace the glass and We can do that for you, please call us at 4166400333 and ask the technician to help you to get you back in business by replacing any working screen.

Samsung galaxy charging repair

This type of work include all model for the Samsung galaxy charging repair and when you were charging using an old charger and all of sudden its shows no plug in connection between micro usb to the plug and now its about time that you needed to get your usb charging port repair and please make sure you take it an experienced person who knows proper soldering or main board might gets damage and if you needed more information you can call kmaster team at 4166400333