Blackberry Keyone Repair

By now you have already figured it out who is the best for the blackberry keyone repair near you and if you cannot guess its Kmaster Electornics or or where every blackberry fix on the spot. The most experienced technician you can find with us.

Blackberry Keyone Repair
Blackebrry Motion Repair
Blackkberry Key2 Repair

Nexus 6p Repair

We are offering nexus 6p repair on the spot for every nexus screen and as you aware the google has the model pixel and we are also offer google pixel repair. If you would like to know how to get your nexus or pixel fix than please visit

Google Pixel Repair

The newest model and as always Kmaster is always the first to offer Google Pixel Repair near you. Highly knowledgeable staff with the software and hardware issues. If you like to know more about the smartphone and Lear how to repair you can also visit Cell Phone Repair Training site to get info. To get you screen replacement please find us at Kmaster Electronics

iPhone 7 Repair

You may be thinking that iphone 7 repair always available from a company who always offer walk-in on the spot by Kmaster Electronics and you can easily type the word Kmaster in google for us to provide you directions to our store and locations near you

Cell Phone Repair Training

Started in Mississauga and and continue to offer this cell phone repair training in vancovuer, calgary, edmonton , saskatoon, halifax, montreal ottawa, and winnipeg. This mobile repair course is for anyone with no background and for also who wants to know the real side of the actual repair and secrets what others are missing, We have been known as best training centre proudly canadian company who has the real talent and featured in Financian post Canada newspaper and also national post you can go to click on about us and follow the link.

Cell Phone Repair Course Toronto

This is the skill you dont want to miss and it was first in Canada was introduced and approved registered facility by Kmaster Training who is currently offering Cell phone Repair Course Toronto where students learn full time hands on and theory and open their own business. For more information about how to register and what is included in this please visit Cell Phone Repair Training